April 24, 2012

Review: Kinect Rush Snapshot App

I've covered my toys, Dance Central and Mass Effect 3. Now, he's some coverage on a Kinect Fun Labs app: Kinect Rush Snapshot!

Kinect Rush Snapshot title screen
I've been Kinect Fun Labs as a way to try out apps utilizing the Kinect peripheral of the Xbox 360. Some are free, some are not. Sometimes, they're free for a limited time too! You can also share any pics you've taken and videos recorded through the KinectShare website too! After getting updates of new apps, here's one I came across for some easy achievements!

Me as a car (between McQueen and Mater)
Kinect Rush Snapshot is a promotional app for the Kinect Rush: A Disney Pixar Adventure retail game. It's more of a picture taking app in six different environments as six different characters. You'll be able to create an avatar based on the photo data it collects when it takes pics for your whole body and face. Once your avatar is ready, you'll see yourself in different types of characters based on the Pixar environment you'll choose.

Hanging out at Bonnie's room

Final Thoughts
As a promotional app, it's cool to see what you are if you were a character in a particular Pixar film. I'm amazed that I'm one heck of a sports car in Cars and a cool superhero in the Incredibles! In Toy Story, I'm a generic toy robot while I'm a rat in Ratatouille (duh!). In Up, I'm a fellow Wilderness Explorer with Russell tagging along with Carl and Dug (and Kevin at the back). A sixth environment is just a simple park setting the Pixar Park (the hub of the game perhaps?).

Since my lighting isn't good, this is how I "look" like! No offense intended...

I have to say that the game is now part of my wishlist but not a priority.

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