April 18, 2012

Reward: Victory Pack from Operation Resurgence in Mass Effect 3 Multiplayer

The wait is over! Time to reap the rewards!

Operation Resurgence splash notification

For participating in Operation Resurgence, players get a Victory Pack with one guaranteed character from the six new characters. This is what I got:

I wonder what's inside?
Geth Infiltrator!
I decided to give this new character a shot, even though I suck at sniper rifles. I used a level 3 Widow since it's has one hell of a kick plus the cover penetration is an added bonus. The skill I'm looking forward to use was the Hunter Mode, where it promised that you can see enemies behind obstacles.

I'm a frickin' blur!
First Impressions
I just played on bronze and my infiltrator level is at 17. So far, Hunter Mode did help me a lot in locating targets so I can pick 'em off. Pair it with tactical cloak and and I'm one heck of a sniper (sort of...)! The only thing I don't like about Hunter Mode is that it tends to flicker and disrupts my coordination. Aside from that and the cosmetic visual blur, I'm looking forward to becoming a sniper user with the Geth Infiltrator.

You guys saved up your credits? Check this pack out!

A resurgence rare? Lemme have one!
But... I haven't gotten my rewards from Operation Raptor yet...

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