April 12, 2012

Event: Operation Resurgence in Mass Effect 3 Multiplayer

Another challenge is up and it's all about the new content!

Bounty Weekend? What happened to Challenge Weekends?

Just play a match in the new Firebase Condor and Hydra maps and you'll be rewarded a Reserves Pack that's guaranteed to reward one of the six new characters of the Resurgence Pack. Make sure you download the Resurgence Pack and set your "Upload Gameplay Feedback" setting to "On" during the duration of the event.

Worried about the +10% EXP that random maps give? As long as you play on Firebases Condor and Hydra, you'll get the +10% EXP bonus! Go ahead and explore the hydro dam in Ontarom and the moon of Palaven (Menae).

Sorry, PS3 gamers. It ain't ready for you guys yet due to isn't allow BioWare to run such events.

Here's a little pic for me to tease you guys on Firebase Hydra and a new Vanguard character...

Firebase Hydra with a Krogan Battlemaster Vanguard!
See you in the front lines!

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No updates yet in Operation Raptor's rewards yet. Just bear with it, guys! BioWare's working hard on it!

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