April 12, 2012

Reposting: Resale & New Product Requests from Good Smile Company

This caught my eye when I was checking my feeds in Facebook:

Care for some product requests or resale?
Good Smile Company will be celebrating their 10th anniversary on May 10! They're running a special project and fans of the company are gonna love it!

They're running a poll on which products you like to request to be made or be available for resale!

How to participate (Product Resale)
You can pick to up to 5 existing products per category: Nendoroid, figma or scale figures. Be sure about your votes, because you only get one shot at this!

Choose between Nendoroid, figma and/or scale figures to request for resale
After making your selection, head to the bottom of the page and press the ‘Select These Products’ button. (上記内容で送信する).

A mock-up of the results page
After making your selection, you can check out the tally of the 20 most requested products for Nendoroid, figma and scale figures!

How to participate (Product Request)
Ever wanted your favorite character turned into a Nendoroid, figma or scale figure? This is your chance to (hopefully) make it come true!

Product request page
Fill out the three fields with the following information:

‘Series Name’ (作品名) : ‘Character Name’ (キャラクター名) : ‘Product Genre’ (ジャンル).

Toy Story : Jessie : Figma
Fairy Tale : Ezra Scarlet : Scale Figure
Mass Effect : Liara T'Soni : Nendoroid
Lady Gaga : Lady Gaga : Figma
Rosario Vampire : Akashiya Moka : Nendoroid

Press the "Enter" or "Return" key in any of those fields to submit it! Or, click the (上記内容で送信する) too!

Deadline for resales and product requests is on May 1st, 2012 12:00PM JST/GMT +9:00!

Oh... A little disclaimer from the blog too:
Finally I’d like to reiterate that there is no guarantee we can put the top figures on resale or make figures out of the most requested new products.

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