April 26, 2012

Event: Operation Exorcist in Mass Effect 3 Multiplayer

You've been waiting for it! Here it comes!
Operation Exorcist

This weekend's N7 Operation will involve Cerberus. Contrary to my belief, we will be hunting... Phantoms! Yes... The enemy unit of Cerberus that I describe as Samurai Biotics (I think Ninja would be a better term...)!

As always, there are squad and community goals for events like these.

  • Community Goal: Kill 1,000,000 Phantoms.
  • Squad Goal: Survive and extract from a match against any type of enemy in Gold.
Uh oh... I'm not fit for Gold yet and I want a Commendation Pack! Well, see you in the front lines!

Also, here's confirmation that the "Last Man Extracted" condition is allowed:

RaptorSolutions wrote...

So any extraction will do? Even last man standing?
Yes, any extraction will do. smilie

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