March 1, 2012

Mysterious Sighting: Madoka Kaname School Uniform Ver. figma

Going through my daily grind of surfing the 'Net, I came across this odd page after checking out the official announcement of the Chie Satonaka figma:

The mysterious "x" figma

I was just doing my daily grind of surfing the 'Net, checking out my Facebook and Gmail accounts, as well as AmiAmi, Kotaku, Blogger, tumblr and my iGoogle feeds. I saw a posting of Good Smile Company's announcement of the Chie Satonaka figma, which premiered at Wonder Festival 2012. Her character design interests me, as she fits the "active girl" archetype. However, I came across an entry with a headshot of Madoka Kaname with "x" as the link shows.

The "x" figma is... Madoka Kaname in her School Uniform! 
One way or another, Good Smile Company may have wanted to announce this Madoka Kaname figma, donning her school uniform. The first sighting of the figma was in a pic with Homura Akemi in her School Uniform. The page is bare in information, since pricing is at 11,900 yen (apparently, this is yet another figma only available in a special edition bundle for a game) and the release date is at March 2012. This must have been a template page of sorts and someone did a booboo in uploading it.

The original sighting of the Madoka School Uniform figma, alongside the recently released Homura School Uniform figma.

I may have gotten tired of bishoujo type anime since they were all over the place. Madoka has very minimal appeal to me, since she embodies the typical prepubescent school girl turn into transforming heroine, tagging along with 3 - 4 companions/allies. I admit I liked Sailormoon back in Grade (and High) School but this didn't spark my interest. There is no way I'm jumping on the bandwagon here, since she was a trending item in tumblr sometime back. Nowadays, it's all about the new figmas that are coming soon. I expect the peeps of just made a draft entry on this figma, wait... They already have! Well Puella Magi Madoka Magica fans, enjoy the "reveal!"
Pics courtesy of Good Smile Company


  1. HAHAHAHA!!!!!! You think madoka is a typical magical girl anime! Try again, because it's not.

    1. Yeah I thought that was pretty funny too. Just came across this searching for the figma. This is NOTHING like Sailor Moon.