February 26, 2012

Progress: Dance Central 2 Unlocks (February 26, 2012)

I'm going to record the statistics of Dance Central 2 because they're tied-in with some nifty unlocks!

I'm gangsta!

Current Status (as of February 26, 2012)
Stars: 97,566,040
Dances: 24,301,517
Calories Burned: 124,288,017
Photos Uploaded: 112,955
App Likes: 1,000 (approximate)

Looks like we're close to getting a new crew! We need 100,000,000 stars in order for the new crew to unlock! I'll check back in a week to see how the rate these stats increase. The hardest will be one crew that has ties to a code back in the first game. It'll be hard to determine the rate of the Likes in the DC2 App since it now displays a vague 1K rating. For dances, the folks at Harmonix will give us a surprise involving their website header featuring crews. Right now, it's Dr. Tan and Cyph-Elite Bernice! Let's keep on playing and dancing (and stay connected to Xbox Live) to get those unlocks!

Who is this crew? This one's for 100,000,000 stars!

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