March 5, 2012

Progress: Dance Central 2 Unlocks (March 5, 2012)

I'm making this post in the whee hours of the morning, 'cause I just arrived from an important celebration! Here's the second week of statistics of Dance Central 2!

I'm not in love with you, but I'm in love with the way you move!

Current Status (as of March 5, 2012)
Stars: 102,359,102
Dances: 25,391,347
Calories Burned: 131,715,367
Photos Uploaded: 118,371
App Likes: 1,000 (approximate)

Difference from previous stats (February 26, 2012)
Stars: 4,793,062
Dances: 1,089,830
Calories Burned: 7,427,350
Photos Uploaded: 5,416

We've already unlocked the Icon Crew by hitting the goal on March 2, 2012! That's one goal achieved but I'll keep track to keep checking on the rate of stars collected by the community. The community was able to do a million dances in one week so far while being able to burn 7 million calories as well. As for photos, it's hard to predict with the present data at hand.

Given the data, I'd say a character costume controller code will be the next unlock! We won't get it on my next report but I can see it's coming! Please keep your Fitness mode enable to be able to contribute to calories burned!

This is my prediction for the next unlock. Who is this character and what's the outfit?

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