March 20, 2012

Results: Operation Goliath in Mass Effect 3 Multiplayer

Find out if we made it for last weekend's N7 Challenge: Operation Goliath!

Did we make it?
I was anxiously waiting for the results of last weekend's N7 Challenge Weekend "Operation Goliath" in Mass Effect 3 multiplayer! I was able to check the thread and someone posted Admiral Hackett's response to skirmish:

Admiral Hackett delivers an announcement
Soldiers of the Milky Way –
It is my honor to announce that Operation Goliath was an overwhelming success. By targeting the brutes of the Reaper forces, we dealt them a blow from which they will not soon recover. As I’m sure you’re aware, a brute is made out of the parts of turians and krogan, somehow melded into one. For them to replace those troops, they’re going to have to capture turians and krogan together and alive—and you can ask your turian and krogan friends just how rarely that’s going to happen from now on.
Over a three-day period, you downed a staggering number of brutes, and countless husks and other Reaper creatures in the process. As it is, the Reapers have been pushed back in key positions as they try to make up for the holes you left in their army.
I am confident that word of this operation will get out and that it will give people hope. The stories I am hearing continue to amaze me. They are stories of soldiers braving fire to pull a fallen comrade to safety; they are stories of biotics charging enemies ten times their weight to buy their friends a critical second; they are stories of engineers with their fingers shot off, hacking mainframes with the stumps because their teammates needed them. Thousands of strike teams ran successful sorties against particularly deadly Reaper occupations – those squads will be recognized with a special commendation.
This brotherhood knows no race or species. It is a bond you are forging together, knowing that when the time came, you heard the call, and you answered it with all the skill and passion you could muster. That much… you can say to anyone.
–Admiral Hackett
Storywise aside, we did it! We took down 3 million Brutes during the weekend! That's over the one million we needed to kill! Everybody's gonna get a Victory Pack by March 20, 2012 5PM EST. If you "won" a Silver threat level (or higher) round against the reapers, you're gonna get the Commendation Pack! According at the bottom of the post, thousands of players (including myself, I'm assured) were able to fulfill the Commendation Pack challenge.

Keep on playing, guys! Let's work harder for more challenges to come! Let's take back earth! Read the earlier post on event.

3,000,000 Brutes killed!

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