March 19, 2012

Progress: Dance Central 2 Unlocks (March 19, 2012)

Due to my busy schedule involving Mass Effect 3, I know give you a super late update on Dance Central 2!

It's Emilia, in her Sweatin' outfit! Note the hair...

Current Status (as of March 19, 2012)
Stars: 110,285,734
Dances: 27,384,755
Calories Burned: 145,092,142
Photos Uploaded: 129,067
App Likes: 1,000 (approximate)

Difference from previous stats (March 5, 2012)
Stars: 7,926,632
Dances: 1,993,408
Calories Burned: 13,376,775
Photos Uploaded: 10,696

Emilia's DC Classic (Sweatin' originally) outfit was revealed last March 14, 2012. It's in the form of an unlock code. To activate it, head over to the Options menu from the Main Menu. Select "Gameplay Settings," then "Enter Cheats." With an Xbox 360 Controller, input the following button sequence:

Left, Left, Up, Right, Right, X, Down, Y

You should hear a chime and see an on-screen notification of the unlock. You just need to input this once and it'll save in your profile.

As for the data, it seems we may have a steady average of 5,000 uploaded photos per week (given with some calculations since I lack data from last week). For stars, we have have dipped somewhere within these two weeks. There may be a slight dip in dances as well. For calories, we may have an average of around 7,000,000 burned. With the DC App, I can't tell because it is still in a vague 1K count.

My bet's on the other costume unlock. Given the trend, it's going to be another Dance Central veteran who's outfit will be based on their initial outfit. Keep uploading the photos!

As the image's name says: "You may possibly be able to guess this one!"

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