March 3, 2012

Unlocked: Icon Crew for Dance Central 2

We did it! We reached 100 million stars! The new crew is available for play!

Meet Marcos and Frenchy, The Icon Crew
The good folks at Harmonix have given us some challenges in exchange for great unlocks. They offered two new crews and two unlockable outfits (which the latter will be unlocked via controller codes). So far, the community has hit its first milestone: 100,000,000 stars! Our reward? The Icon Crew!

Character Background
The Icon Crew is based off the the silhouette that appears in the in-game flashcards and the animated dnce preview while in the music selection screen (and break it down). They're Marcos (black-skinned, white suited) and Frenchy (white-skinned, black-suited) and their names came from two of the game's choreographers, Marcos Aguirre and Francisca "Frenchy" Hernandez.

How To Play
Simple: Just start the game and they should be at the very bottom of the character list. I suspect you need to be connected Xbox Live for them to be unlocked, since the goal was to get 100,000,000 stars!

Credits to Suhhmantha

Their colors in-game are so solid, you can't find shading or shadows in the crevices they have! Their pre-dance actions is based on Mo and I haven't pinpointed out which post-dance moves are based from. Their voices are a bunch of distorted synthesizer sounds, which the user interface of the game uses. I won't playing them in the long run but it would be fun to see these funny-looking crew strut their stuff. Kinda reminds me of that "No Face" character from Spirited Away...

I decided to search for Frenchy and it seems that's she's a certified Zumba Instructor! Oh yeah, that's what they're supposed to look like in-game. Sorry about the rushed 'shopped image!

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