February 7, 2012

Preview: Sunred by figma

Just checked out Good Smile's website and saw an entry for this figma:
Astro Fighter Sunred
Series/Character Background
Now you may be curious who this guy is. This is Sunred, from the manga series Astro Fighter Sunred (天体戦士サンレッド Tentai Senshi Sanreddo) which also got an anime series. He happens to be a hero of justice but you would be wondering by he's dressed like that. That's because he's laid back, foul-mouthed, rude, violent and impulsive. As a hero of justice, he's always the target of an evil organization called Florsheim (not the German town or the American shoe brand!). The series is very comedic in where Sunred easily beats up Florsheim's monsters and even makes them grovel before him on giving them lectures on how to respect other people's personal space. Sometimes, General Vamp (The Florsheim Kawasaki Branch's leader) would either catch Sunred by surprise or set up a fight but always ends losing or going wrong.

What caught my attention to this figma was when General Vamp was announced, both the General Vamp and Sunred figmas have actual cloth for their signature costumes. This provides realistic creases and more flexibility when posing such figures (such as General Vamp grovelling before Sunred). I wonder if you could take them off too... (nakie figmas! beat that, Billy!).

Awww... Ain't that cute?
For a sentai hero, he has that uniqueness in him. I mean, he's wearing casual clothes while wearing his signature helmet and being able to eat, drink and smoke with it on. His aggressive nature becomes comedic because he's tired of Florsheim constantly attacking him for being an ally of justice. He's got that "spunk," if I would describe it...

Should I get him?
There's a 20% chance I could get him, given the fact that the Samus Aran figma is a strong contender (both figmas release dates are on June 2012) for my June Indulgence. If I could fit the budget, the Sunred figma is a consideration on my wish list.

General Vamp sends his Animal Soldiers to beat up Sunred!

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