February 5, 2012

Review: Hatsune Miku append ver. by figma

Let me review my first ever figma, Hatsune Miku append ver.

figma 100 Hatsune Miku Append ver.

I've been a fan of the Vocaloids ever since I got wind of them back three years ago. Then, certain posts at Vocaloidism caught my attention on posable figures. I started researching and eventually kept tabs at the GoodSmile website. After hearing about Miku's append ver. as well, I was very interested (and impressed) by her character design. Eventually, I got saw that they were going to create a figma of her. So, I took the chance and found a local retailer who was taking preorders for the toy (thanks, GreatToysOnline.com!). I finally got her on October 2011 and I was so excited to gets my hands on my first figma and Hatsune Miku (even if it's her Append ver.).

First Impressions
This figure looked so gorgeous in both the public preview pics and the actual product. Her hair was very eye catching, as you could "pose" her twin tails to imitate her official box art or apply physics to your desired pose. She looked capable of pulling feminine poses given with her design. The figure stands at approximately  5" tall.

Used a tape measure

She comes with with three faces: a standard look with her eyes looking leftwards, her eyes closed just as in her official box art and an "awakening" face that found in a 1/8 scale painted complete figure of the same character.

Extra parts

There are a total of 4 pairs of hand parts: clenched fists, hands open with the fingers to together, hands open with the fingers in different angles and hands that allow her to grasp objects.

There are two skirt parts: one that is intact and a pair of flowery versions featured in her official box art design. These are attached on ball joints visible in her hips.

She has an extra part for her torso that as a "strand" floating off. This also resembles her official box art design, which I mistook for a necktie of sorts.

There is also a "tail" part that can be attached behind her. Unfortunately, I kinda snapped it in two accidentally after trying to see if it can bend further. I may have to cement it but I don't use this part often.

There is also another pair of arms that are also part of the official box art design, with the left arm revealing her signature "01" mark.

Also she comes with a pair of headphones for use with other figmas. There are three color variants but only one comes included and is blind packaged.

Quick Stress Test
Just to see how "flexible" this figure is, I've taken the liberty to pose her in ridiculous ways to test her physical limits.

Long stride

Her twin tails are very articulate when it comes to positioning them, allowing for "flowy" poses. Her hands can twist and bend at the wrist. The arms have a good range of motion. The legs are good but it doesn't allow a 90 degree bend.


Her knees can bend more than 90 degrees but the thigh and shin can't "compress." Her ankles can bend to a tiptoe position but they can't twist much.The neck moves around nicely and she can also bend and twist her upper torso.

The only problem I had with this figure is that her twin tails give me problems in posing her in terms of balance. Most of the time, I had to resort to using the provided support for certain poses and re-position her twin tails until she becomes stable. I am able to get her pose without the support from time to time, it's all about balancing this figma to pull it off.

Balancing issues due to the twin tails

Her skirt parts fall off when you try to position her legs further. Also, I can't get her to pose in an upright sitting position or even bend her legs in an "indian sit" or lotus meditation positions.

An attempt for the lotus position

But by far, she is the best experience I've ever had in a Japanese articulated figure and I am impressed the the design and detail. I'd recommend getting this figma if you're:

  • A figma collector
  • A Vocaloid fan
  • Have a thing for girls with twin tails
Character Background
Hatsune Miku is a voicebank developed by Crypton Future Media utilizing Yamaha's Vocaloid technology. She's a computer program that simulates singing by typing lyrics and configuring the tone of certain words and syllables. The Append ver. is an add-on to her original voicebank with six additional vocal styles. It is required to have the original Hatsune Miku voicebank for this version to work. If you need more information on this character, visit this Vocaloid Wikia article.

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