February 10, 2012

Preview: Mass Effect 2 Action Figures

I love Mass Effect and played the two core games (and having to download important DLC's for the second game). When I saw the news of the toys being re-released and continued, I just had to read further!
Mass Effect 2 Action Figures - Series 2
Series/Character Background
Mass Effect is BioWare's sci-fi RPG franchise which involves a space marine named Shepard discovering a threatening invasion that will wipe out all sentient beings. Aided by a cast of characters, Shepard takes on the responsibility of averting the threat before it's too late. I've been a fan since the second game and even bought the first game for the fullest experience. The third game will be the end of Shepard story, since the invasion has arrived and it's to Shepard to unite the different races of the galaxy to stop the invasion once and for all.

Commander Shepard is the main character of the series and you get to customize your Shepard. Shepard can be male or female with different backgrounds. The choices you make for the game will affect the story in small and big ways. The series even takes into account the decisions you made in previous game/s and apply to the next (i.e. Mass Effect 1 choices affecting certain events in Mass Effect 2).

As a fan of the series, I was thrilled to be able to have the chance to own a physical good (or two) of the franchise. Aside from Shepard, I'm also a fan of many characters in the game. When I saw Tali'Zorah vas Neema/Normandy, I just freaked out! By far, she's my #1 squadmate in the series (terms of her character), followed by Garrus (turians can be so handsome!) and Legion (he's just way cool for being a geth fighting in the side of good).

Should I get them?
There's a benefit if I order them since they contain random codes for various DLC for then third game's multi-player mode including character boosters, weapons, weapon modifications and upgrades to make your multi-player squad stronger. It's only $20.00 a figure, $75 if I get a whole series. *decisions, decisions*

However, I started to have second thoughts...

Mass Effect 2 Action Figures - Series 1

Fun Fact
The first series/wave was actually released way back in year when DC Direct manufactured the toys. It was discontinued after some time but Big Fish Toys decided to re-release the first series/wave and finally release the second series/wave.

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