February 8, 2012

Impressions: DECOBACK

Since I like the product (and recently lost an auction for one), I must write something about it.

DECOBACK product demonstration
Early in my days of toy collecting, I kept my eye on GreatToysOnline's Facebook page. I saw an entry about a product called "Decoback" and they claimed to be the exclusive distibutor in the Philippines. Curious about this product, I did a quick search over the Internet and stumbled on the product's website. After checking out the product description, line and portfolio, I became very interested about it.

Product Description
Decoback is a product that allows toy collectors and hobbyists to have decorated backgrounds when doing photography for their collections. It's made of thick pieces of cardboard with an interlocking part for two pieces, one for the background and one for the "floor." Each product features a theme with imagery on both sides of cardboard parts.

The interlocking plastic part
They currently have five varieties, ranging from outer space to a military base, skyscape and ancient ruins to name a few.

This product encourages creativity in this product to bring the best your photos and perfect for those who do indoor photography more often.

At this time, they are available in Hong Kong but have partnered with GreatToysOnline to be their exclusive distributor in the Philippines. The cost for one set is at PHP 1,000.

That wraps my impressions on this product. Stay tuned until I get my hands on one for a proper review. Check out the official website for official info, product line and portfolio as well!

The five varieties available

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