February 26, 2012

Pre-order: Mass Effect 3

I was able to secure my pre-order of Mass Effect 3, thanks to Datablitz!

Mass Effect 3 Pre-order Bonuses

March 6 is a week away and I'm very excited to get the third game in the Mass Effect series! I can't wait to finish my Shpeard story and see how the my previous choices play out in this chapter. I've been meaning to pre-order the game, one way or another. I'm just glad Datablitz was able to give us the chance to pre-order from the Philippines!

The pre-order bonuses includes an armor, three weapons and a shirt. I hope the shirt fits me well.

The pre-order offer will last up until March 5, according to Datablitz. The game will be available on March 6, 2012 (Philippines), so I get to play this "ahead" of time than the Americans! Remember, you can only claim the game from the branch you made the pre-order.

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