November 4, 2012

Impressions: Intel Discovered for the Xbox 360 Kinect

The road to fame isn't easy but the rewards are great.

Fame awaits you
While going through my Xbox Dashboard, I checked out the recommendations section to see which games were recommended for me. When I caught a glimpse of this "game," I took a peek at it and saw it was for free. Hey, who would pass up for some free games?

It seems that this is Intel's marketing campaign to promote their "Ultrabook." The Ultrabook is a laptop that has an added touchscreen capability, giving the device versatility in usage. The device is also less than an inch thick, coming close to the Razer Blade.

An Acer Intel Ultrabook running on Windows 8
The theme of this campaign is people seeking fame and being the "next big thing." Intel teamed up with Microsoft to develop this aforementioned game along with an original Web series.

Acting with Chris Evans is the biggest honor I can get!
The game is run with FMV's in the player point of view (yes, the "you" is you being the a rising star) . Your first level involves you being selected by Chris Evans as a co-star (of sorts) in a action scene where lots of movement is involved.

The second level is held at a nightclub, where Red Foo of LMFAO is performing (after sending your RSVP). Movement is also involved but more emphasis of being a DJ.

To party rock with Red Foo is a privilege!
The last level has Chanel Iman prepping you for a red carpet walk on how to pose to the camera and giving short responses to the inquiring audience.

The game ends with a formally dressed individual leading to the balcony. It stops with a "To Be Continued" screen.

Oh yes, the game will take produce pictures of you with these stars and a mocked-up 2 page magazine spread for you to share in Facebook.

Product placement
The instances of the Ultrabook being used in this game are:

  • The film director showing you secret intelligence in an Ultrabook.
  • Red Foo uses an Ultrabook for his DJ set up.
  • The Ultrabook is also featured to send an RSVP to Red Foo's party and for him to send Chanel his recommendation to give the player a makeover.
Final say
This game will really get your ego (if not, confidence) up in walking that road to fame. But what intrigues me is that cliffhanger "To Be Continued" part. Does it involved the secret intel the director mentioned in the Chris Evans level? Let's see how the story will unfold...

Don't underestimate Chanel. She's good with what she does best.
Pics courtesy of TrueAchievements.

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