November 1, 2012

Event: Halloween Challenge in Mass Effect 3 Multiplayer

Halloween may be over but here's something to remember by:

It's Halloween in Mass Effect!

To celebrate Halloween, BioWare has launched an event for Mass Effect 3 players to participate in. The challenge objectives are as follows:

  • Ghostbuster: Reach extraction in Firebase Ghost five times (both regular and Hazard).
  • Zombie Hunter: Earn 7,500 points killing husks (Reaper) and/or abominations (Collector).
  • Monster Killer: Earn 10,000 points killing brutes (Reaper), banshees (Reaper), scions (Collector) and/or praetorians (Collector).
The three challenges. Can you achieve them?
Accomplishing these challenges will grant a player a challenge banner they can show off in the in-game lobby.

You can do all of these challenges in any difficulty.

For the Ghostbuster challenge, you just need to extract five times in either Firebase Ghost normal or hazard. You don't need to extract five times on both maps each; it will accumulate for every successful extraction. You don't need to get an extraction bonus (Lone Survivor, Partial Extraction or Full Extraction) for this to happen. Just watch out for the acid rain if you decide to play in Firebase Ghost Hazard.

For the Zombie Hunter and Monster killer challenges, fight against the Reapers or Collectors in order for this to count. You'll be able to finish these challenges before you finish the Ghostbuster challenge. Make sure you at least hit and damage the enemies for you to earn points; sitting in the sidelines isn't going to help!

Do my eyes deceive me? Pumpkins?
Interesting sights
The hack, device and retrieval missions get an interesting twist:

Retrieve the... pumpkin?
Yes! The objectives are pumpkins! Such a cute motif of the challenge event!

Cover me while I carve this pumpkin!
Weekend challenge?
Given that the challenge has 100 hours left to finish at the time of this post, does it mean that this will be out weekend challenge as well? If so, that means no commendation pack? Well, this fear has been allayed thanks to this post at the BioWare Social Forums:

The Halloween Challenge is extended and we still get a weekend challenge!
Given the fact the Storm Sandy has hit the Eastern part of the U.S. real bad, the Halloween challenge has been extended for the benefit of the people recovering and rebuilding. What a very nice gesture there, BioWare!

Looking forward to a fun weekend!

Hold it, I'm not done yet!
Biggest thanks to IronRush for the weekend challenge availability!

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