November 5, 2012

Event: Operation Jackhammer in Mass Effect 3 Multiplayer

Time to get the Vanguards out for this Weekend Operation!

Time to get jacking!
This event promotes the use of the Vanguard's skill: Biotic Charge. You need to score 75,000 points using such skill. You could get the Biotic Charge Use challenge with this event as well (if you aim to a Biotic God).

I recently go solo for challenges.
This skill is available to all the Vanguard characters. This is a skill that involves charging straightforward to an enemy using biotics to collide to deliver massive damage and sometimes sends targets flying. This skill provides a recharge of the user's biotic barriers at early evolution levels.

Biotic Charge midway
There's a known bug that causes players to erratically "teleport" when the skill is used. There's no clear explanation how the bug is triggered and that's what caused me to stop playing as a Vanguard until now.

Is God taking me away?
I've played a public game for this challenge and I haven't had problems with using Biotic Charge so far. I don't know if I'm lucky or it got fixed.

Here's my catch for this challenge:

I'm getting the hang of this pistol...

Halloween Challenge
The Halloween Challenge is still ongoing! You can still qualify if the leader is going for the challenge and they got the map set to Firebase Ghost (regular or hazard) against the Reapers.

At least I got my Halloween Challenge banner!
A little extra...
Can't wait to give this a try!

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