November 3, 2012

Dance Central: Cyph Security Incident Report

Two of DCI's agents may have been compromised! Here's some new intel:

An incident report!

DCI has sent out two of their best agents to investigate TanCorps' Project Lockstep. They have not received word from these agents after some time has passed but this newly discovered document has given DCI on these missing agents' last whereabouts.

The document, still encrypted...
At this point, we don't who are these agents but their identities may be tied to Dance Central 3's story mode. It's best you look it up yourselves rather than me spoiling it here.

Also, Harmonix is also making a push with their "Upload Photo" feature by uploading photos in Facebook and tagging the Dance Central FB page with them. It's to show that DCI has the army to combat whatever Dr. Tan has at us! I'll make sure I do that as well!

I am indeed the VERY BEST!

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