November 6, 2012

Food: Cookie Dough Duo Chilly Burger from Sebastian's Ice Cream

This, is just a prelude of a new adventure!

So much choices...

I decided to go out on one day of my long weekend. It was a chance for me to kill two birds in one stone: meet a good friend of my mine (who was my former colleague) and try out this ice cream parlor (of sorts) that she's been raving about. I decided to grab myself something when she arrived so I can casually enjoy my eats while talked and reflected about our time together. I wasn't prepared on how delicious the ice cream I got is!

I got myself one of the "Chilly Burgers" the store had to offer. Since it's my first time to try out these delectable desserts, might as well start with something I can enjoy. I got the "Cookie Dough Duo" since it's a good start with some established flavors. According to the menu, it's got "Chocolate Chip Cookies filled with Vanilla Ice Cream, with an unbaked cookie dough center and rolled in cookie crumbs." I took my first and I was just amazed how good it was!

I'm just... amazed!
First Impressions
Well, this ain't your typical ice cream sandwich! It's big, heavy and tough but all the while tasty! The cookie crumb "belt" worked well in getting started as you bite into the vanilla ice cream filling. The vanilla ice cream also is a good palate cleanser just when you think you've you've had too much sweetness in your mouth. The sweetness of this dessert is just so right for those who had too much sugar in their taste buds. This Chilly Burger has that perfect balance of sweetness of many ice cream I've tried so far.

This is just a prelude to a new adventure. Given that my friend has given so much praise (as well as a few others) to this establishment, I look forward to trying out some of the artisan flavors soon! Until then, watch out!

The prelude to a great adventure! Wanna tag along?

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