November 8, 2012

Event: N7 Day

Let us celebrate a special occasion for Mass Effect fans worldwide!

It's N7 Day!
It's been five years since the Mass Effect story began and many of us have gone through Commander Shepard's journey in being a Council Spectre, resurrected from the dead by Cerberus and ending the never-ending cycle of the Reapers. Shepard is a symbol of heroism in many ways and it's all how you make the Commander's story.

To commemorate this occasion, BioWare has officially declared that November is N7 Day. They have a special page where you can get started to show your love of the series, one way or another.

Multiplayer Challenge
Wanna show your pride for being an N7 operative? Take on the challenge in Mass Effect 3 Mutliplayer!

It's easy-peasy!
This should be a no-brainer! Just play as a human character (basic classes, Project Phoenix or N7) and extract 3 times in any difficulty. Your reward?

Show your N7 pride!
A new challenge banner! Now, it just needs a better name like the Halloween Challenge banner (Hallowed Hero). The event will last until Friday to allow fans worldwide to participate as well.

Loyalty Pack
Aside from the banner, there's also a pack waiting to be claimed in the store and it's for free!

I wonder what's inside?
I opened it and got this:

Yay! An ultra-rare... variant of the M-6 Carnifex.
Well, it's better than nothing!

DLC: Omega
Of course, there are announcements for the upcoming Omega DLC. This DLC will involve Aria T'Loak's attempt to regain control of Omega from the clutches of Cerberus with the help of Shepard and a new ally!

Is that a female Turian?
Here's some tidbits I got from Kotaku:

  • You can access this after the mission involving visiting one of Palaven's moons.
  • You won't be able to bring any squadmates with you.
  • Your squadmates will be Aria T'Loak and a mysterious female Turian insurgent.
  • This will not be the last single-player DLC.
Enkindle THIS!
He started out as a joke but eventually had box office hits in the game! Now, read an exploit of Mass Effect's first ever hanar spectre: Blasto in Blasto: Eternity is Forever  from Dark Horse comics!

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