November 7, 2012

Establishment: at Greenhills Shopping Center

Thanks to my friend, I know now where to get my action figures!

Definitely a great place to start your toy collection hobby!

I was so enamored when I saw action figures of Crypton's Vocaloid characters. With that, a chain of events had occurred:

  • Research on what the action figures' manufacturer/technology: figma
  • Exposure to other action figures of Japan: Revoltech, Busou Shinki, Robot Spirits, etc.
  • My first action figure: Revoltech
A former colleague (who I miss dearly) did mention about an establishment called "Great Toys Online." After some searching here and there, I kept tabs on them for opportunities to buy toys from them.

This branch is located at the Greenhills Shopping Center. The closest landmark I can think is that this is across one of the entrances of the Cinema Mall and it's above one of the Daiso Stores and the Payless Shoe Store. As much as I don't wanna sound corny, it's quite an adventure inside.

Enter the Hornet's Nest!
There are truckloads of toys and merchandise inside the store, all neatly stacked in shelves and organized by manufacturer and brand. The lovely ladies will be more than happy to help you out with your inquiries and transactions. They do keep in touch with the head honcho when needed too!

It's a trove full of treasure, waiting to be bought!
However, walking around is a tad tricky...

So tight...
Walking around is hard here, with so much customers window shopping inside and people talking to the clerks from time to time. I recommend staying inside for less than 20 minutes as to give room to paying and potential customers as much as possible... wander around!
If I had something to say, going here is like slitting my wrists knowing I won't be able to have everything my heart desires. This kind of hobby is costly!

Aside from selling the stocks they have, they also accept pre-orders of upcoming products. They also accept "special orders." Even if they don't sell a particular item you're looking for, just provide the the item's "International Article Number." One way of getting such piece of information (especially for items from Japan) is to go to Hobby Search, look for the item and get the "JAN code." (thanks to someone in the FB Group!).

For inquiries, go ahead and ask! It's their duty to answer your inquiries as much as they can. Heck, I asked if their stocks of my per-order was available and this was their response:

What a diligent response!

Final thoughts
The store is crammed with stocks of toys but is too tight to wander around. However, it's worth your time in the hopes of finding that toy you've been looking for!

Play with me, temptation.

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  1. I emailed great toys online yesterday cause I want to order a "special order". Its a CD and until now, I haven't got a reply. Do you think they saw it already? I also did a private message thru facebook but they didn't replied at me. EVER!!! So I'm worried. What do you think? Oh! I use my other account by the way.