December 23, 2015

Art Critique: Talos Helm for Volt

As an attempt to get back to blogging, Here's a maiden post (after three years): a review of one of the Alternate Helmets for the Volt Warframe!

Talos Helm by KIERANMCKAY (Polycount and Steam)

Short Intro

I'll come up with a post on how I got into Warframe soon. For now, let's take a look at this alternate helmet that entered Polycount's Warframe contest.


This was the first entry from the Polycount Warframe contest to be uploaded in the Steam Workshop. Although the I am impressed on how well the helmet looks, what turned me off was the size of it.

The shape of the helm compliments Volt nicely, giving Volt the flow of speed on it. The helmet is very sharp with the horn-like protrusions and the lights are neatly organized. The helmet blends well with the default skin of Volt.


My concern with this helmet is it's size. Taking a look at the helmet with the body together made me see that this helmet is just too big. The artist clearly wants to put emphasis on the horn-like protrusions but it seems to contributing to the overall bulk of the helm.


This would make a good addition to Volt's selection of helmets. If only the artist behind it would tone down the size of the helmet, it would have blended better.

All photos are from the helmet's Steam Workshop page. Credits to KIERANMCKAY (Polycount and Steam).

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