December 31, 2015

Art Critique: Assorted quick critiques (Dec.31, 2015)

The Warframe Steam Workshop has its share of quality work deserving to be implemented but there are those submission that are sub-par to me (and possibly with the game as well). I present to you a bunch of skins that I don't think should be in Warframe! 
A few skins that I don't think can make the cut.


Going through my voting queue every visit to the Steam Workshop, I see a variety of skins that people make in hopes to get implemented. I get a mix of reactions such as:
  • "Oh man, I love this!"
  • "Hmmm... Maybe a little more improvements?"
  • "I need a better presentation before I can decide."
  • "No... Just, NO!"
  • "Oh, I like this!"
  • "Uhhh... Maybe next time?"
  • "Nah Uh."
  • "This could work..."
This post (and future ones too) will be quick critique on what I consider sub-par submissions. Think of this as my personal "Reject Bin." I can't always be nice, you know! However, I won't be linking the skins' exact pages and their author's/artist's profiles.

The "rejects"

This set of skins using sheet metal is just so... monotone. I don't see any opportunities of color customization anywhere. What was the creator trying to enforce here?

Someone was obviously an Iron Man fan here put simply putting a PBR effect and a basic recolor isn't going to cut it.

This here syandana is such an eyesore since it's a simple copy-paste job. There were attempts of recolors but this syandana needs more work to get in par with the quality DE has.

This Excalibur skin feels like the artist wants to invoke a "darkness and fire" theme in it. Feels so limiting when it comes to customization, especially if I want to swap the helmet for something else.

The artist eventually made an improvement over the previous skin but the color customization is still very limiting, since the skin seems to focus too much on the helmet and the scar-like mark on the torso.


Posts like these only represent my sole opinion and does not represent a consensus within the Warframe community and/or staff of Digital Extremes.

All photos are from the assets' Steam Workshop pages.

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