December 26, 2015

Art Critique: Feudal Helm for Excalibur

We now take a look at a skin for Warframe's poster boy: Excalibur!

Excalibur Feudal Helm by Strongfort (Steam)


The helmet design follows the tradition of what all Excalibur's helmets have: a pointed protrusion or horn usually in front of the helmet.

The helmet is designed with a medieval theme in mind, as you can see that the helmet resembles that of a typical European knight's suit of armor with a mix of Excalibur's traditional helmet design.

The helmet is paired with a matching body skin, giving us the impression of a full suit of armor. The upper part of body features a collar-like effect, giving this skin a formal impression.


As much as the artist wants to incorporate a medieval-style skin, what worried me about this skin is the customization of colors.

The presentation of the skin is very monochrome, as it shows a full silver/grey Warframe with no hint of customization. There were attempts to show that the skin can be recolored but the patterns were very bland. The color tone of the custom colors are rather bland as well, as if the artist is trying to preserve the "metal" tone of the overall skin (both helmet and body).

Looking at the back, the "spiny" black section of Excalibur does not blend well with the helmet. The roughness of the rear did not fluidly blend with the rear section of the helmet. I can't even imagine on how the helmet will mix with Excalibur's default helmet.


This helmet (as well as the matching body) gets a "NO" from me, as the skin would go against the organic, fluid art style that Warframes are well known for. The bland color tone and lack of customization possibilities is what really turned me off with this skin.

All photos are from the helmet's Steam Workshop page. Credits to Strongfort (Steam).

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