January 14, 2016

Art Critique: Grineer-Galatine

When weapons have the chance to be skinned, artists do their best to create alternate ones. Here's an entry to the (now finished) Polycount Contest.
Grineer-Galatine by andres.munar (Steam)


The sword itself is themed after the Grineer, who are known for their bulbous and crude design aesthetics. The skin captures that aesthetic, with the cross guard being the first thing to help me identify it's Grineer design style.

The serrated edges makes this a vicious blade to wield and it features a lot of the pipes or tubing found in many Grineer environments.

The color is also well done, as the Grineer are not known for shiny and clean equipment. The color fades worked well, when using the right color combination seen with the Grineer.


I guess the only thing that got me concern was the name of the skin. Sure, it's an alternate skin for the Galatine heavy blade but without a unique name to go along with, there's no way to fit it in the game. 

Also, the presentation was lacking. Sure, a few pictures would be nice but the color customization part only featured the cross guard and hilt.


This would definitely be a buy from me, since this skin heavily captures the Grineer design aesthetic. Too bad it didn't win the Polycount contest but I do hope that the artist would come up with a proper name for this soon and give better presentation as well.

All photos are from the helmet's Steam Workshop page. Credits to andres.munar (Steam).


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