January 29, 2012

Unboxing: Re-Ment Stitch Tropical Desert

Welcome, welcome! This is the official maiden entry of my blog, where I blog about stuff I like!

To start off, here's an unboxing of a pack of "Stitch Island Desert" from Re-Ment. This is my second box, so my odds for something new is pretty high.

Packaging (front)

As you can see, it's only PHP 379.75 and is available at Toy Kingdom and Toys 'R Us across the Philippines. I'll make a dedicated post on Re-Ment after I have done enough research.

Packaging (back)

I already have no. 7 and I was hoping I could get no. 4. This is what I got in the end...

Set no. 6 in plastic wrapping

Looks like I got no. 6, which contains drink bottles, a drink bottle basket, lei, small pieces of chocolate (not edible!), a box ready to be folded and the matching tray. All packaging also comes with apple-flavored gum and a small flyer. Watch the video below for the unboxing!

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